Daisy-chama (daisy_chan) wrote in lavendartinted,

Release: Brilliant Magic - chapter 3

NEW:: Brilliant Magic chapter 3

YAAY! I love this manga. It's sooo cute!!
I hope all of you like it too. ^^

Oh, and out of interest.... I'd like everyone to fill out this poll:

Poll #431302 Nana Continuation?

Do you want us to continue working on Yazawa Ai's Nana?

No. Sugar Oasis is faster.
No. I like your other projects better. Concentrate on those.
Yes. I read Sugar Oasis, but I'll read your higher quality versions when they come out.
Yes. I don't read the Sugar Oasis versions at all.
I've never read Nana, so I don't care.

Please leave any extra comments you have concerning this issue here or in a comment.

Thank you so much! The choices you make will really influence our decision.
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omg. this is shmack. i totally just posted "I LOVE DAISY" using my husband's computer. he's gonna kill me now XD. So, to summarise, SHMACK loves daisy. *runs from vex's wrath*
hee. I love you both. ^^


February 5 2005, 07:38:22 UTC 13 years ago

Thanks for translating Brilliant Magic. The series is so cute. ^^


February 10 2005, 18:01:49 UTC 13 years ago

YES YES YES! i love nana! please keep working on it !!
I found out that Nana is being licesenced by VIZ in a short comic magazine series along with godchild (count cain) and a few other titles...This is sucks >


February 20 2005, 11:23:42 UTC 13 years ago

Is it really licensed? Oh, mann! I like Brilliant Magic and any other Miyawaki Yukino. It's just that in my country you just can't even one copy of those titles. Those publishers keeps translating manga that we can already see on TV, like Inuyasha, but they forgot about the good ones. So anyway, thank you so much for the first three chapter of BM. And don't worry, the girls in my school love it so much, even the guys too (and I don't know why, I'm thinking scary thoughts here). And we agreed we love the series because not only it's a well drawn manga and good character, but it's like we're also reading a novel with great story lines. So again, thank you (wanna know where I live? Just ask).
i luv that manga!!!!....can u put the brilliant magic chp4?!?!?...pls?!?!?...can't wait!!
Sorry, but the four chapter hasn't been translated yet. Please e-mail her if you have any further questions about its status.
errrr your website doesnt work for me... so i cant download it.... i wanna download brilliant magic...
The website is currently down. You'll have to get it off someone on IRC.
errrr whats the irc???