Daisy-chama (daisy_chan) wrote in lavendartinted,

*** Kero Kero Chime chapter 9 ***

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I can help out with editing every once in a while. I'll have more time in the summer. =P
let me know when you have time ;p
Wow, how long has it been? This release made my day.
Glad you enjoyed it. ^^
Maybe this is a silly question, but what do editors do? I realize that by asking this I'm making it obvious that I'm not "experienced" .... but if you need help then I'd be glad to learn!
Editors take the raw scans: level, clean, resize, and put in the dialog and sfx.
I just want you to know that I added Lavendar Tinted to my friends. I was really happy to know that the group didn't stop. I kept accessing your scanlation site last year, hoping that you would came back, and now this happened! Keep the good work!
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy our stuff. ^__^
-_- daisy-chan i keep emailing you but i don't think they are getting to you since last year when my laptop went *breaks*

I'll try again but the manga i was translating was unexpectedly deleted off my laptop when it was in a non deletable drive *glares at tech staff*
>+< i'm sorry to ask but i need to get those scans again some how, I now have time to do stuff again ^_^
please forgive me and my pity-ful laptop *makes laptop bow with strings attached* hehehe