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Hello, you WONDERFUL WONERDFUL people!!!!!!!! I've been searching for you for weeks, hopelessly clicking on dead links, tracking down leads, and feeling that I would never find you!!! Here you are, in this vast wilderness of cyberspace, beloved followers of translated shoujo manga. At long last.

I'm not usually this emotional at all, but you don't know the number of hours I put in to find you.

How can I help???? I read the Brilliant Magic and Reds you did. Reds was one of the best pieces I've ever read. THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE INVOLVED WITH THOSE PROJECTS! The fact is, without you I would never have been able to read these. I am grateful.

As for me, I live in the Silicon Valley and have 4 full bookcases of manga. I've also bought a lot of DVR's on ebay of manga. I'm female and my picture is on my website: I don't normally ride motorcycles at all, but some friends took me on a ride (with me on back) through part of New Mexico. I'm originally a Jersey girl, who relocated to CA as soon as I could get out of the house. Now, I'm definitely a hybrid.

I've now lived in the mountains for a while (Skyline Blvd. in northern Ca), in the city of S.F., and near the beach (and my beloved sea otters and Monarch butterflies) in Santa Cruz. I also studied abroad for a summer. There I got to visit 7 countires traveling alone, thanks to an independent spirit and a Eurailpass. Also, I admit I wanted to prove to my mom that I could not only travel alone, but do it on a big scale. (Didn't I know that GIRLS like me can't even travel from the airport to her house without being escorted???) I also took an October to visit the southwest, hitting all the spots I had heard of but never seen. Most of my friends back home never even go to N.Y., let alone Philly, which was 15 miles away. None have ever heard of manga. NONE! Now you know why I relocated. (Ha! Ha!)

As said in so many manga titles, "Please take care of me." (bow)

If you have the time, please introduce yourself to me. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR EXISTING!!!!!

-Lady Burning Rose
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